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Naphthalin Fairies TRANSFORMERS FOR LIFE t

Naphthalin Fairies TRANSFORMERS FOR LIFE t


naphthalin: “Fairies ”

Transformers Art, Thank You So Much, Hand Holding, Avengers, Bee, Hold

Transformers Bumblebee, Transformers Art, Transformers Knockout,

Pin by Yane Minalady on Transformers | Pinterest | Transformers prime and Transformers megatron

Who that in red??

Transformers Art, Geek Stuff, Dibujo, Geek Things

Transformers Generation 1, Transformers Art, Beast, Fanart, Waves, Gay, Fan

Warrior Guyver.com


Transformers lemons and one-shots - sexual pictures for transformers

Transformers Imagines — herzspalter: Commission for crane-wings who asked.

tfp | Tumblr

G1 skst2

Don't Touch

Embedded | Tfp | Pinterest | Transformers, Transformers prime and Transformers 3

See RID episode 1 to understand. And then try to think about what happened to them afterwards. Poor security bots! XD | Transformers RID 2015 | Pinterest ...

#wattpad #fanfiction ....like the title say.

Baby Rodimus reading to Megatron

Commish: Love The New Look!

Let him be your Valentine! 9_6 I'm sorry about the colours. I

Don't put a leg on the table! That's rude. Transformers Prime,

TAAO Starscream's True Form but with his original. - Come here for all your Starscream-iest needs

Transformers | Transformers, Transformers prime, Tumblr

JazzTheTiger Artz — the-badass-kitty-bee: random TFA sketchdump Transformers Art

coralus: “Finally my big sis Herzs let me watch TFA with her so I

Image result for tfp laserbeak fanart Transformers Decepticons, Transformers Prime, Original Transformers, Sound

The love of my life! by VanaBananaSplit

This is a Transformers-blog where I post all my goofy fanart.

valerei: “Didn't like how thia lineart turned out, so I decided

Sound Waves, Transformers, Random Stuff, Random Things

Transformers Yaoi Pic (Sometimes) - Another Blurr x ShockWave - Wattpad


Angry Dragon Dad

Transformers Prime, Ratchet, Amazing Art, Wicked, Fanart,

Tags: Anime, Transformers, Starscream, Cyber, Mecha Transformers Starscream, Transformers Prime



I'm not going the bee ( get it ) on here a lot so

HUGS Transformers Characters, Transformers Prime, Optimus Prime, Primers, Miss You, Robot

Đọc Truyện Transformers Yaoi Pic (Sometimes) - Soundwave - _RubyRose15_ - Wattpad - Wattpad

So this is my first published fairy now named Minty. I made another version of her that matches the newest fairy I posted in case someone might want the.

Viking Dual Axe Predator

Knockout and Breakdown Transformers Prime, Transformers Knockout, Transformers Decepticons, Ships, Boats


Transformers Prime, Comic Artist

He has nice thighs actually

robot fight club

Someone asked for some #Cliffcee and so here they go lmao #arcee #cliffjumper #transformers #transformersprime

I Love Transformers And Slash

transformers prime - Google Search Transformers Prime, Optimus Prime, Transformers Generation 1, Nemesis

very slowly making my way through RID, Windblade and TAAO, which are all doing

transformers autobot Festa Transformer, Transformer Birthday, Niklas, Transformers Birthday Parties, Transformers Bumblebee

Transformers Imagines — herzspalter: Commission for crane-wings who asked.

Transformers Prime

#TFP, #transformers, #soundwave, #starscream

#wattpad #random My scrap book of COOLNESS!

TF: Hey Prowlie

On this blog we gather everything related to animated series of Transformers - Transformers Prime.

Lego #super heroes & custom mini figures #marvel #avengers dc mini figures fits

Transformers 3, Transformers Decepticons, Original Transformers, Primers, Kawaii, Sound Waves,

Transformers robots in disguise comic

Transformers Yaoi Pic (Sometimes) - Random pt.2

He's back Transformers Characters, Transformers Art, Sand Lake, Jim Carrey, Robots,

The other SS was very surprised for the movie SS and MEGA. XDDDDDD ( actually i don't really like the story to movie for TF,but i still like SS and MEGA.

Transformers 5, Primers, Aliens, Funny Stuff, Funny Things, Primer, Paint

Сюрприз,блин (2) Transformers Memes, Optimus Prime, Chocolate Trifle, Nerdy

bumble bee and arcee/ tfrid


Soundwave...what did you do? 😳 Transformers Decepticons, Sound Waves,

This.my two favorite transformers shows...*tear of joy rolls down

Transformers Art, Ratchet


Blitzy (GIF) by Captain-Wormy

Hatsune Miku x Soundwave :) | tranformers | Pinterest | Transformers, Transformers prime and Hatsune miku

Transformers Imagines — herzspalter: Commission for crane-wings who asked.

Mean Girls Transformer version Transformers Knockout, Transformers Autobots,


milagrosen: “i'm sorry i don't have anything to offer today but this sketch of very proud KO ”


Transformers Prime MBTI 1 out of 3 - ENFJ here!

Rescue Bots, Transformers Art, Aliens, Dibujo

Transformers Prime

Transformers Knockout, Transformers Art, Nurses, Bounty Hunter, Fanart, Robots, Robotics, Robot, Fan Art

by betaminshitto Roboti, Fanouškovské Umění

more-than-meets-the-canon: “Heatwave doesn't like

Heatwave sticking up for Blades gave me life. Rotting Root · transformers

Optimus Prime - Return

Micronus NO! by ShoGuru on DeviantArt Transformers Funny, Optimus Prime, El Humor,

Wallpaper with commander Starscream, nice

Sound Waves, Optimus Prime, Most Favorite, Mammals, Transformers

DJ Soundwave. Transformers Decepticons ...

Hatsune Miku x Soundwave :) Transformers Girl, Transformers Soundwave, Fandom Crossover, Robot

I laughed so hard I cried

Smile by CastleOblivin on DeviantArt

Custom Transformers Ravage


Soundwave Speedpaint by AuroraLion.devian... on @deviantART Transformers Decepticons, Transformers

Beauty & The Bee

Beauty & The Bee

Commission for @robotzombiedog who asked for a RodimusUltraMagnus comic that is inspired from an excerpt of this fanfiction here!