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I had gotten to kiss you Kara And Mon El Melissa t

I had gotten to kiss you Kara And Mon El Melissa t


Supergirl. Kara and Mon-el. The 10 most romantic moments in Karamel's story

Mon-El telling Kara he remembers the kiss really gets me. Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood are just incredible in this scene, and I felt uncomfortable right ...

Supergirl Kara ( Melissa Benoist ) and Mon El ( Chris Wood ) Botanical Garden Scene in Argo City

... on Instagram: “#karamel scene on 2x14 #SupergirlEdit #melissabenoist #karazorel #karadanvers #supergirl #supergirlcw #chriswood #christopherwood #monel…

My Favourite Mon El Quote "Any courage I do have, I learned it from you" Supergirl season 2 episode 7 (credit to Bella Sotto)

"Why do you care?" *Awkward silence while Kara tries to formulate an

Mon-El and Supergirl!!!

Supergirl Mon El, Supergirl And Flash, Kara And Mon El, Chris Wood,

'Supergirl' Spoilers: Mon-El Fights For Kara — Chris Wood Interview | TVLine

Kara and Mon-El in cadmus

supergirl Kara and Mon-el first kiss

#Supergirl2x10 #Kara and #Mon-el They should have kissed! I waited for it till the very last moment but it didn't come < < Same! so disappointing. -_-

I should have answered your question" - Kara and Mon-El

Supergirl Mon-El Romance Poll

Karamel- Exodus ❤❤ - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on · Supergirl Mon El ...

Chris Wood Leaving Supergirl: Season 4 Spoilers — Mon-El Exit Explained | TVLine

Kara and Mon-El kissing makes me humiliatingly chipper. Gosh, they're

Mon-El finally learned how to put "awe" and "some" together! (Also: I love how awkward Kara gets when he compliments her.

Kara And Mon El ...

Kara and Mon El. Cher · Supergirl · "It was ok that i was going to die because i got to kiss you

... on Instagram: “Don't you see 👀 She's so understanding... ❤❤❤ Oh, my heart! . . #karamelwood #karamel #melwood #wenoist #supergirl #karazorel # monel…

Supergirl/Mon-El Backlash Draws Reaction From CW Boss

Mon-El's expression whenever Kara asks him if he likes her is classic. You

Mon-El & Kara Kiss - Supergirl 2x08 (Ultra-HD 4K) -

What's next for these two crazy kids now that Mike of the Interns is looking outside of Catco for work?

At least u have at least one of these instead u completely ignored the other and hid the other for so long I would kill for just like 0.00…

Kara and Mon-El Supergirl 2x10 "We Can Be Heroes." I really

karamel x quote #melwood #melissabenoist #chriswood #supergirl #karadanvers #monel #

Supergirl Kara Mon-El

Gabe and Ashley Kara And Mon El, Kara Danvers Supergirl, Supergirl Tv, Chris

'Supergirl' Spoilers: Alex/Maggie & Kara/Mon-El — Kevin Smith Interview | TVLine

Kara and Mon-El. Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood have great chemistry.

The Kara/Mon-El Couch Scene just might be my favorite "KaraMel" scene so far (the kiss was great, yeah, but I'm a sucker for cute/funny convos like this and ...

Kara and Mon-el 3x21 Supergirl Mon El, Supergirl And Flash, Kara And

Oh, Mon-El. <3 The awkward angst was palpable in this

Supergirl Recap

'Supergirl' Fan Theory Suggests Mon-El's Marriage Isn't Real

Mon-El watching Kara leave is always super (no pun intended) cute. TV Shows edit Season 2 Kara x Mon-El Kara Danvers Melissa Benoist Chris Wood Collage

"It's no nice to do that without breaking a guys nose" - Kara and Mon-El - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

karamel on Instagram: “Supergirl 3.23 Y'all how are both @arianagrande and @justinbieber engaged, but Kara and Mon-El aren't 😒😑😂 q. Do you want Karamel ...

Instagram post by 𝕂𝔸ℝ𝔸𝕄𝔼𝕃 ♡ 𝕄𝔼𝕃𝕎𝕆𝕆𝔻 ♡ 𝕊𝕌ℙ𝔼ℝ𝔾𝕀ℝ𝕃 • Nov 5, 2017 at 2:30am UTC

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Kara and Mon-El talk about the kiss - Supergirl 2x10

Supergirl 2x13 - Kara and Mon-El kiss scene (HD)

Kara and Mon El = Karamel❤❤❤

Kara and Mon-El shipname---I don't know if I

Supergirl - Mon'El Prepares for First Day of Work - YouTube

Supergirl Recap

kaimonel: “(cuz i miss him so much) ” Kara And Mon El

christopherwooddaily. Supergirl Mon El ...

'Supergirl' Season 2: Kara Learns Mon-El's Secret — Breakup Ahead? | TVLine

I love that their dynamic is somewhere between kids insulting each other and adults flirting. Before Mon-El, I wasn't sure Kara COULD joke around/borderline ...

Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood in new second season poster for Supergirl. Supergirl Movie,

I.. i just can't Kara And Mon El, Supergirl Dc,

"Maybe don't let Winn teach you too much about women on this planet" - Kara and Mon-El Supergirl LOL!

So want them together in supergirl... it just makes sense. Supergirl Mon

Supergirl Mon El, Supergirl Superman, Supergirl

I'm so glad to see her smiling. Mon-El makes Kara happy

DC TV Watch: 12 Burning Questions for 'Supergirl' Season 4

Oh, the Almost-Kiss. So not fair. But Kara and Mon-

Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood. Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood Kara And Mon El ...

Melissa and Chris | Supergirl on Instagram: “[3.21] This is so aesthetical 😍😫 • • • • #melwood #melissabenoist #chriswood #supergirl #karadanvers # monel ...

ComicCon 2017. Pam · Kara and Mon el from SuperGirl

Kara and Mon-El eating ice cream on The Couch and watching Netflix is like

'Supergirl' Spoilers: Kara & Mon-El's Relationship — James, Winn's Feelings | TVLine

Supergirl 2x13 Ending Scene "Kara & Mon-El Kiss" - YouTube

I love how both Kara and Mon-El know the awkwardness is coming. You

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'Supergirl': Amy Jackson Talks Saturn Girl Being 'More Than Her Relationship' With Mon-El – Variety

"Oh, yeah, I'm sorry, I was busy defending your honor!" - Kara and Mon-El arguing right in the middle of the DEO is like my new favorite thing.

"I'm not gonna forget the way you sacrificed yourself for me, ever" - Kara and Mon-El

Karamel forehead kiss parallels ❤❤❤ #karazorel #karadanvers #monel #karamel #cw #supergirl #melissabenoist #monel

Supergirl Supergirl Superman, Supergirl And Flash, Kara And Mon El, Melisa Benoist,

FINALLY, I'm glad I stayed up to watch this episode live! Finally

Karamel + Melwood on Instagram: “[ 3.21 — Not Kansas ] "Why don't you just come with me?" 😍 — #supergirl #karadanvers #karazorel #monel #mikemathews ...

Kara & Mon-el - 2x12 Final Scene

And she also has this great sense of right and wrong which Mon-El doesn't really understand. He didn't grow up with that. He wasn't taught that exact moral ...

'Supergirl' Recap: Season 2 Episode 13 — Mon-El Fights For Kara | TVLine

Kara and Mon-El. I love how FUNNY their interactions are. Kara's such a happy kid, but you usually only see her funny side with Alex, and that's not cool.

#Supergirl #MonEl #Kara Supergirl Tv, Supergirl And Flash, Kara And

Instagram post by was @flarrowlegends • Nov 29, 2016 at 3:29am UTC

But Kara and Mon-El are

Kara and Mon-El and the conversation straight out of third grade: "DO

Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood took their romance public on Monday as they frolicked and kissed in the ocean in Mexico

Instagram post by Sarah • Mar 24, 2017 at 11:52am UTC. Watch Supergirl · Supergirl Mon El ...

MON-EL: Good morning. Kara. Kara? (she's not there) Was it that bad… Was it that good? NEWSCASTER ON TELEVISION: … and it's been quite a morning for ...

What's ...

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Awwww I cannot control my awwwwness at this moment!💕💝 Dear Melwood, plz do not break up or my life will have no meaning.

In Search of Lost Time supergirl season 3

The first of many Kara/Mon-El edits to come from episode There was just so much cute/hilarious hotness from these

'Supergirl' Season 4 Isn't About Romance For Kara For This Cool Reason, According To Melissa Benoist. '

'Supergirl' Good Guy Chris Wood on His New Mental Illness Awareness Week Initiative and Where Mon-El Has Been

Supergirl's Mon-El, Chris Wood, on Singing, Body Scans, and The Vampire Diaries < < Rotten Tomatoes – Movie and TV News

Mon El

Kara and Mon-El at the bar: before and after the kiss conversation <

When you find out that mon-el was the real prince of daxum and this whole thing suddenly makes sense

I'm so pissed as this SOB I shipped them so hard. I don't care if it's 7 months or 7 decades you jerk- you stay on this ship and make Kara happy